About us

The London Fungus Group has been operating for thirteen years and during this time thousands of records have been collected, including over 500 records for Hampstead Heath. During this time a number of surveys have been completed which include;

  • Richmond Park
  • Bushy Park
  • Kensington Gardens 
  • Holland Park
  • The Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
  • Oxleas Wood & Greenwich

Interested parties may obtain a copy of these surveys by contacting londonfungusgroup@gmail.com

With budgetary restrictions, these types of surveys are being restricted so the task of collecting this data falls to volunteer mycologists like myself and I welcome collaboration with my peers. If you are interested in contributing to this site please contact me directly at londonfungusgroup@gmail.com

For any new species to the Greater London area, I would welcome a sample of the fungi for microscopic purposes and potential depositing with Kew Gardens.

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