Cortinarius irregularis  

Cap 30-70mm convex, low conic, flat, mid to chestnut brown, with cream margin from velar remnants, surface on some appearing as if dusty from velar remnants, some more silky looking, margin striate at immature stage, lost in maturity, hygrophanous, drying in pale brown streaks against red-brown ground.
Stem 38-53 x 7-12mm (base up to 12mm in some) cylindrical, base swollen or somewhat tapered, longitudinally fibrillose, streaked white & brown, base paler but not distinctly so. Flesh a washed out pinkish brown.
Gills adnate with decurrent tooth, cinnamon brown with pale edge when immature, pale edge lost in maturity becoming a rich red brown, fairly crowded, differing lengths, edge entire.
Smell none.
Exsiccates darkening upon drying.

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